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Friday, August 01, 2008

We're Alive! We're Alive!

Well, moving day has come and gone. Right along with the entire month of July!! Where did the time go? We are moved in to the upstairs of our home. When we left 4 years ago my In Laws moved in to the house. So, until our house and their house is built we are living together. I am glad it is big house and able to hold just about all of our stuff!

Things are moving along but we really NEED our house to sell! We are ready to start building the new one! Please agree with us that the buyer will come soon.

Per request of Candy, here is a picture of the new house. The only difference, we are only getting a two car garage. We are trading off the third garage for an indoor tornado shelter. The shelter will be located in the floor of the master bedroom closet. It will have a sliding door to get into it. If you live in Oklahoma, it's a good idea to have shelter close by!!!

Analise has adjusted well and is enjoying lots of MiMi and PaPa time. She has returned to taking her 2 hour nap which is AWESOME. Her latest things are spinning, opening and closing everything, screaming just to hear herself scream, and my personal favorite is eating spaghetti. She has finally decided that she likes pasta!

I have taken so few pictures this last month!!! Things will soon return to normal in our little corner of blogland. Thanks so much for those of you who commented or emailed me to check on us! I really appreciate your kindness! Farrah, you're a sweet heart, and I can't wait to see pictures of your new bundle of joy when he arrives. We are agreeing in prayer with you!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Public Enema - Shout Out

I was JUST watching Oprah. She had a doctor on who was discussing poop & enemas. It made me think of a certain individual who has had a coffee enema. I shan't name the person but they know who they are and some of you definitely know who it is.........

Here's to coffe enemas and naval pie....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Update & New Blog

Well, the New Year is here and we are SO excited. The adoption is humming along and the year holds a ton of new adventures for us.

One of the adventures, I have started a new blog. It will detail the ins and outs of our adoption process. If you email me, and I know who you are, then I will give the URL. When and if you do get the site - please do not create any links to adoption page. I think you all know why without me saying it...

Anyway, I will periodically post here as, here are some photos from Christmas.

Amy & Steve

The Girls (KT, Me, & Amy)



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playing w/ new photographic software

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Got VD? Nope!

Well, it's official. Adam & I are both VD free. We are also free of every other communicable disease. I know you all want to know....why the heck is she telling us this? Well, in order to adopt you have to have a physical..stating you are mentally and physically capable of raising a child. According to the Doc we are good to go!!! Hurray!

We also just got our background checks back from the bureau. We are clear!!!

The big day is Friday! We have our homestudy!! After this, all we need is our fingerprinting before we can send our paperwork to the Guatemalan embassy. So pray we get a call SOON!

I will let you know how the homestudy goes!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things.....

A few of my favorite things are:

1.Skinny Cow Fat-Free chocolate milk....thick & chocolatey
2.Reality TV - LOVE IT - I'm sick I know
3.Pizza - Domino's Pepperoni w/garlic dipping sauce
4.Ice cold water on a hot day!
5.Photography - I love the story behind every picture.
6.The sound of trees rustling in the wind
7.Thunder clouds filled with lighting. BEAUTIFUL!
8.Trailriding with Adam and saying nothing at all....
9.Sitting on my back porch watching deer drink from the pond
10.Listening to people laugh! I mean big belly laughs! AWESOME!!!
11.My animals....they are all unique!
12.Cold and Rainy day at home filled w/movies & popcorn!!!
13.Watching Adam train horses - he loves it SO much. :)
14.Reading my Bible at night before I go to bed. I always sleep better...
15.Dreaming of holding my little girl in my arms....soon!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chainsaws & Treehouses

As you know, we recently acquired another ten acres. We have been tirelessly working to improve the land. I can honestly say that I now know how to use an auger. But that's an entirely separate story..This story is about a man, a chainsaw and a treehouse.

Adam loves his chainsaw. He really loves it now that he has trees to cut down. He is currently cutting paths through the trees to be used as trails for horseback riding. It will be great when it is completed. He is such a visionary. That was one of the thigns that drew me to him. I wanted to be apart of everything he told me about regarding his future.

Those of you who know him, know that he is not a great displayer of emotion or feeling. He keeps alot of things to himself. I often wonder what he is thinking. Through years of marriage I have learned that once he has it worked out in his head he is ready to talk about it.

I stated in a previous post we will be adopting a baby girl from Guatemala. I know she will be beautiful with a big smile and a contagious life. Adam and I have discussed the adoption alot, obviously! But as stated before, he doesn't display alot of emotion. I prayed that God would show me that Adam is as ready as I am. Well, he did... of course.

Adam was out, with the chainsaw, cutting his path. All of a sudden I hear him yell for me. Of course I come running thinking he has hurt himself. But he didn't. He said, "Look at that!" I look over and see 4 trees coming out of the ground in virtually the same spot. I said, "That's cool. What's so big about that?" He replied, "That is going to be the best place for a treehouse!"

I realized we are both ready for this awesome experience that is about to take place.